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1.How to contact customer support?

Please submit your questions via "customer support-submit questions" section,we will reply as soon as pssible.

2.How can an account get blacklisted?

Anybody who has a refund on their account will find relevant accounts blacklisted.

3.How do i keep myself form being blacklisted?

No refund is acceptable so make sure you input correct information before purchase.Any account as well as paypal account requests for a refund will be blacklisted.

4.How can an account be removed from blacklist?

In order to remove oneself from blacklist, user need to repay all the refunds and submit an application which includes account name, credit card number and obverse image of credit card.

How to confirm my server name?

There are two way to find it out:
1.user can see the server name after logging into game.
2.Server name can also be found on the locationbar. Take "" for example, S1 is the abbreviation of server name.

6.How do i check my order number and transaction number?

You can find order number from "order history" in payment list. For transaction number please refer to you online bank.

7.How do i use Huayou Points after purchase?

Huayou Points can not be used directly,user need to exchange Huayou Points to in-game cions. Steps:
1.Go to purchase center and choose the game you want to recharge.
2.Select money amount and server.
3.Exchange finished.

8.How do i check my Huayou balance after purchase?

User can check their Huayou Points from purchase center.

9.What should i do if i transfer my Huayou Points to a wrong sever?

Please submit your problem via "online support" in customer center.

10.what information should i include if i transfered my Huayou Points to a wrong server?

User needs to provide account name, game and server name the transfer goes to and from, exchange time, mehtod,and amount, order number, name for account owner and contact phone number.

11.Why must i use the corresponding game account when submit a wrong transfer problem?

Customer support need to verify the account information before the conversion process.

12.What requeirments should one meet to get a wrong transfer settled?

Conversion to a server is only acceptable for one with an exchange history.

13.Can you explan it in detail?

If user plays in server A and made a wrong exchange to server B, we can transfer the exchange to server A on the condition that the user had an exchange history in server A.

14.Can i apply for an exchange transfer if i have already used the in-game coins?

Sorry, that will not be acceptable.

15.How can a player know the result of a submitted question?

User can check the question status from online support.(

16.How can you identify the server a transfer goes to ?

The server a conversion made to should be the one with a recharge history.

17.How can i exchange Huayou Points to in-game coins?

User can exchange Huayu Ponits to in-game coins on exchange page. Exchange rate is different between different games. Choose the exchange amount and our system will figure out the in-game coins amount.

18.What are Huayou Points?

Huayou Pints are the virtual currency of Huayu platform. There are several purchase methods.User can recharge and exchange Huayu Points to specific game coins after purchase.

19.What are the advantages for purchasing Huayou Points?

Huayou Points can be exchanged to all the game coins directly. Exchange dose not require server infromation, user just need to choose the recharge game which is very easy and convenient.

20.How can i get Huayou Points?

Please go to recharge center of Huayu game and choose one of the following recharge methods.